DTU Civil Engineering

DTU Civil Engineering is a university department of Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Department was established in 2001 with a merger of all technical disciplines used in design process of the built environment.  DTU Civil Engineering has 200 employees: 86 academic persons, 51 technical/administrative persons and 60 PhD students.

DTU Civil Engineering has a mission to conduct an optimal combination of education, research and industrial collaboration as well as innovation. The department contributes to establishing social and commercial value creation through the development of technological knowledge. Furthermore, the department cooperates closely with the public sector.

DTU Civil Engineering conducts research within a defined number of academic focus areas of key importance to construction processes, buildings and structures.

Since 2012, the department identified new areas of research. The common denominator for these new development areas is the development of sustainable and innovative solutions for refurbishment of the built environment,  reducing consumption of raw materials and energy in industry, reducing emissions and other environmental impact and optimizing the use of renewable energy sources.

DTU Civil Engineering is responsible for planning and conducting BSc, BEng and MSc study programmes within all areas of civil engineering and building technology.

The Department is ranked number 6 on the world ranking list of civil engineering departments (National Taiwan University Ranking).